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We can not comprehend the love, mercy and grace of God who created each of us.  I am a Blessed man who gives all glory to God Through the Cross of Jesus Christ - Christ in us our hope of Glory. 

For He answers the faithful and hears our supplications, counts our tears and answers our prayers.  In my sufferings and afflictions, Christ presented Himself to me through the Holy Spirit who dwells in each of His followers. I must share with any and all of mankind my testimony and witness concerning the reality of one's soul and more importantly; the Kingdom of Heaven. 

When I die, I now have certainty that I will be welcomed in Heaven. So I now live on in Spirit while in the body knowing eternity awaits. For the old self always sought reason and knowledge to attain understanding.  But my new self has been shown by God’s grace what faith is all about.  Now, I keep one foot planted on earth and the other foot yearning for the transition to my eternal glorious home. I pray my story helps your faith journey. 

May Grace and Peace abound in you through the Holy Spirit.  

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